Those are all the photos I have!

It was an amazing trip and experience, and I hope you got some sense of that by the blog. Okay, that’s it! Make sure you check out the ✈ index :)

Photos from travelling back home. 

Photos from The Magical Mystery tour- a walking tour of some of the famous sites relating to The Beatles. 

Some pictures from Stonehenge!

Here are some more photos from Bath. Some lovely group shots.

So, theres Jacob, Nick, and Hannah all eating lunch.

Then there’s the group feeding a pigeon its own bodyweight in bread.

Bath was gorgeous!

Bath! We saw the Roman Baths, and that was pretty neat. It was beautiful and there was so much history there. 

The last photo is of a little water station, where you could try some of the water… it was warm and metallic-y. Mmm, delicious. 

Last of the Harry Potter photos!

So this the model of the castle :) And there’s me, Cole, and Justin in front of it. 

Guess what. More Harry Potter photos! 

Diagon Alley, and the paper scale models of everything.


More of the creatures from the movies!

Things from “The Creature Shop”.

Privet drive, Potter’s cottage, and more chess pieces!

The last part is here!

Reached the photo limit again!

So, no more until tomorrow, or whenever our WiFi decides to work!

Black family tapestry, OWL exams, Night Bus, etc.